Passenger Transport report

Please note:

  • This form can be used to report a problem regarding Home to School Education Transport performance and student behaviour.
  • If your enquiry is urgent, e.g. children have not been collected from a bus stop or is of a child protection nature, please contact our Customer Service Centre
  • This form can be used to submit a query regarding the SCC Endeavour Card.
  • This form can be also used to report problems with public transport buses on routes which are sponsored by Suffolk County Council – if you report a problem with a bus on a non-sponsored route we may redirect it to the bus operator.
  • For public transport information and to download/view bus timetables, please visit
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Only report one problem per form; if you have more than one problem to report to us, please complete another form.

Problem Details
To help us identify the urgency of the problem, please provide as much detail as possible regarding the problem.
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Contact Information
You will receive a unique reference number, which combined with your postcode, will allow you to enquire about the status of your problem report.
Please note: if you do not provide any contact information and we cannot locate the problem we will be unable to take any action.
 e.g. 01111 123456
 e.g. 01111 123456
If you are not reporting a 'Home to School Transport' problem you can now select the 'Report problem' button at the bottom of the form.
Home to School Transport Information (if applicable)
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