Public Rights of Way report

Please note the following should not be reported on this form:

  • Do not complete this report if you consider that the problem poses a threat to public safety
    During normal opening times you should report it to our Customer Service Centre
    Outside normal opening times, please contact the after hours Emergency Services Centre on 01473 433444.

Please only submit one problem or enquiry per report; if you have another problem or enquiry to submit, please complete another report.

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Is there an immediate danger?
Please provide as much detail as possible when describing the location of the problem.
For example where your walk originated from, nearby churches, roads, pubs, details on the walk (bridges, stiles, gates) will be helpful in identifying the correct right of way.
Contact Information
You will receive a unique reference number
 e.g. 01111 123456
 e.g. 01111 123456